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enarrate investment
enarrate investment
enarrate investment
enarrate investment
enarrate investment

Introducing ENARRATE

Together, we create the new narrative

ENARRATE …creating the narrative!

EN was established in 2016 to create a new narrative for Islam and Muslims across the globe. It has 4 main platforms; enRADIO, enAUDIOBOOKS, enRECORDS, and enTV. Our idea is to re-orientate Muslims and Non-Muslims about the truth of Islam combining education and entertainment – edutainment. However, we realized the business opportunity surrounding our activities, so, therefore, we intend to earn a double-impact reward saving for our hereafter while earning a living doing what we love.

enRADIO broadcast 24/7 educating the minds and given a fresh perspective of information, we are currently reaching out to average total listeners of 12,000 monthly within and outside Nigeria. Our radio shows and podcast cut-across different phases of life, kindly check out enRADIO page to see more  https://www.enarrate.com/enradio

enAUDIOBOOKS platform  is about the production of audio-books from the Islamic and morally oriented contemporary text for on the go accessibility. We are currently focusing on the production of these scholars’ books –  Dr. Ameenah Bilal Philips, Imam Ridwan Jamiu, Prof. AbdMajeed Alaro. We have a sample of Dr. Bilal Philips produced by us on our website www.enarrate.com/project/thetruereligionofgod

enRECORDS discovers, nurture and promote artistes to create an alternative to junks music around the world. We have just released 11tracks; 9 free nasheeds/spoken words and 2 on sales. We have 6 signed artistes already on our label. Please, check out their profile and download the nasheeds/spoken Words at www.enarrate.com/enrecords – click on each of them to download their tracks.

enTV unusual TV with a difference!  complementing the 3 aforementioned platforms with visual production. We are unveiling shortly Bi’idhnillaah. Watch Out!

eNARRATE App is currently on all major app stores.

The Legacy xCC is our yearly event where we showcase the new narrative for the Muslim Ummah featuring international scholars and personalities, Muslim Schools Competition and performance by various artistes. Do check out  https://www.enarrate.com/thelegacy to see our previous event. In shaa Allaah The Legacy 3.0 CC is coming up in October 2019 Bi’ithnillaah!



Now offering 1% stake @ #1, 000, 000.

Our target is to sell 200,000 ordinary shares at a price of N20,000,000  forming 10% of its entire business valued at N200, 000, 000 (Pre-revenue valuation)

NB: ENARRATE is a young & fast growing media platform focusing on radio, audio-books, record labels and TV industries.

Our intend is secure as partners, 7 vibrant, goals oriented sincere Muslim Investors who are willing to CHANGE THE NARRATIVE OF ISLAM & MUSLIMS across the globe and earn awesome ROI in this world and the hereafter.

If you are such, kindly contact us on 09098057895 or projects@enarrate.com on or before 30th October, 2019.

Kindly share this info with friends and families. Jazakumullahu Khayran!


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