Today’s Ingredients:
Peanut Butter

SMOOTHIES packed with fresh fruits and veggies are a great and delicious way to get your fill of energy-boosting nutritious ingredients. eNARRATE is bringing back your favourite enFROOTY show and this time it is tasty, spicy and fresh.

Join Rofiat Korodo on enRADIO to listen to her guide OR watch her live @enarrateradio on Instagram TUESDAYS 6:30 PM, as she shares with you delicious healthy smoothies recipes that will help you take back control of your health and leave your taste buds begging for more.

You don’t wanna miss it! if you do, You can see it on eNARRATE Youtube Channel OR visit www.enarrate.com/entrail

Download enRADIO on Play store, Apple Store or Download TuneIn and search for enRADIO.

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