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EnPlay Series: enarrate platform and enRadio was created to educate or re-educate the minds of the Muslims and people in general about the true Islamic value through narratives i.e in an audio book format. Our unique style was created with the determination to voice the majority of Islamic text that our generation hardly read. as the name connotes, this category will involve high volume text with rich Islamic background and knowledge. These are Islamic text that cannot be summarised without losing some key information.

enPlay (audio drama) is our audio book series to help retain the rich Islamic background and knowledge in the text while educating the audience via entertainment. The series will be done in the form of the TV series majority of the youth are addicted to around the world but in an audio version.

The audio version at this stage will be done in the form of play as each character in the book will be voiced by difference person or difference voices. We hope to bring to mind the character of each Sahabah / Sahabiyyah or personalities as described by the book being narrated. Also, each quote from the Qur’an or Hadeeth will be done in a different voice or by the different personality. All the aforementioned ingredients will get the listener/audience engrossed with the narration.

Our aim is to achieve these:

  • Provides the mean of acquisition of knowledge in a detail, but entertaining way.
  • Keys the interest of listener thereby reducing the addiction to the world affairs.
  • Connects the audience to the rich Islamic heritage.
  • Provides a modern means of Dawah
  • Improves the sales of the hard books as listeners are keen to know what is next or will love to keep a copy of the book for generations yet unborn.


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