enRADIO is committed to educating the minds of people with our genuine and inspiring programs, these programs range from Islamic Lectures, Islamic Motivational Talks, Relationships and Entertainment to mention a few.

enRADIO is open to all Muslim Professional and Innovative mind to the delivery of this awesome project. We collaborate with existing organisations and groups to shape the future of the next generation for the better. You are very much welcome to join the team.

At enRADIO, your ideas are golden! we welcome Creative Muslims from all around the world. You will be at home with us and your ideas will be used to transform our world as we work together to achieve the objective of educating the minds of the people.


We are poised to revolutionise the manner in which Islamic contents is being delivered to the audience both Muslims and Non-Muslims, and we are keen at correcting the negative perception the mainstream media have given to Islam. Join the team to use your skills in achieving the mission.


You can support by creating awareness, sharing our program updates & app info on social media and with your friends & family. Financial donations are very welcome. Your patronage is key to the survival of this platform. Advertise your brands, products and sponsor our radio programs.


The damage being done to Islam daily on different issues cannot be overemphasized, it’s the responsibility of Muslims to correct this notion towards a peaceful co-existence. Your co-operation and contribution will help us deliver the message to the world in no time for Allaah’s sake.


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