eNARRATE (EN) as the name depicts means Electronic Narrations.

The project was borne out of the need to address the unfortunate realities of our society and world at large,  with all the chaos in the form of terrorism credited to a few elements that have now cast huge aspersion on the otherwise spotless standing of a cherished faith (Al-Islam), that it almost appears as a type of mockery to have peace and Islam together in one sentence.

The spate of terror acts that have made the world heightened on Islamophobia and given off the average Muslim as intolerant and flippant. These harsh realities that conflict fundamentally with the values of true adherents of the faith, leading to frustration of a hijacked identity have set us on the path to creating a new narrative true to our core beliefs as Muslims.

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EN is a unique and awesome platform creating the new narrative for Islam and Muslims other than what has been ascribed to us, this is our ultimate mission. We also aim at making a living doing what we love and hope for Allaah's reward of Jannah. However, our project is new, therefore, it might take some years to gain the attention of investors and big advertisers, this invariably is affecting our operation as we are unable to pay anyone for now.

So, signing up to volunteer for this cause means you are doing so for Allaah's sake and for the value the platform will impart in you; in experience, confidence, creativity, and a chance to be part of a bigger platform in the future in shaa Allaah.
We, therefore, require your commitment for the role stated above in case you are selected.

We do understand none of us controls our situation, Allaah subhanahu wa ta'la manages all the affairs, so in case of eventuality beyond your control and the commitment needs to change, you are required to inform us at least a month before and be ready to pass on to others (teach and hand over) skills, knowledge and valuables associated with your role at EN.

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Kindly Send Your CV To projects@enarrate.com, and a 2 minutes voice note on Whatsapp 08096405786 talking (1) about yourself - biography, school & skills, (2) why you want to join ENARRATE NETWORK and (3) your idea of the new narrative of Islam. Jazakallahu Khayr

The Above Information will be useful for our work process, assessment, appraisal and recruitment In shaa Allaah.

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