Happiness is the most sought after goal. If happiness was a female, her suitors will cross swords to win her heart.
How do we seek happiness?
Where do we seek it from?
Who do we seek it from?
Happiness comes and sometimes it appears like it has gone on a mirage.
The mistake is how we seek happiness
From within or from outside?
Do you seek happiness by validations from people?
Do you seek happiness from material things?
Do you seek happiness in people?
Do you think of happiness from and places displeasing to your lord?
Real happiness is sought from within.
Let me illustrate it.
We have two main source of light. PHCN or Generator.
PHCN can go off at any time. Generator can last forever provided you fuel it.
External happiness can be referred to as PHCN, can go off anytime. Internal happiness is the generator that we can control.
Happiness from within is long lasting,
Long lasting happiness is basking in the love of your Lord
Long lasting happiness is being in servitude to others through charities and the likes
Long lasting happiness is strengthening our relationship with our Lord
Long lasting happiness is doing things we love.
Long lasting happiness is finding strength within
This is our generator happiness…
People and things should be our PHCN happiness
as much as PHCN pisses us off when they take light we already give them excuses.
Hey I’m not cynical about loving people. I am a lovey dovey for whoever I reveal that part to.
But when we make people our primary and main source of happiness, it becomes difficult to bounce back and give them excuses.
Go out to do things that nourishes your soul.
Spread love.
Spread compassion
Share talent
And generate your happiness. The other things complement your happiness not complete it.
P.S I love you.

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