Health Advocacy is a show created to raise awareness about health issues and promote access to quality health information and services at the individual and community levels. On the show, professional health practitioners are engaged to discuss challenging health issues in society while giving advice on the prevention and management of health challenges. The show is a live program that gives the audience the opportunity to call in and discuss their health challenges.
Featuring Experts:
Dr. Fatimah Habeebu Adeyemi (Consultant Obstetrician Gynaecologist)
Dr. Hadiza Marliyya Suleiman (Consultant Burns/Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon)
Dr. Muhammad Habeebu (Consultant & H.O.D Radiotherapy, LUTH)
Dr. Salami  (Ophthalmologist; General and Medical
Show Schedule: Sundays 5:00 PM
Show Duration: 60MIN
Engage the doctors, by sending a voice note or text to 08096405786

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