Was Founded in 1994

We are a non-profit making religious organization

MICA came into being as an antidote to the contemporary social-cultural problems facing Muslims in the corporate world


To see Muslims return to the state of Islamic excellence


To create an awareness of Islam and impart Islamic culture and values on the Muslims for the improvement of contemporary society, and in the cause of Allah.

  • We believe in and facilitate harmonious relationship between Muslim organizations in Nigeria.
  • We will continue to foster peaceful co-existence among Muslims and Non-Muslims in Nigeria
  • The Movement is at the forefront of providing quality training in leadership, entrepreneurial and living skills.

MICA Services

  • Providing balanced viewpoints on Islam

    Breakfast With MICA

    Breakfast With MICA

  • Provision and conduct of Muslims Rites and Rituals
  • Professional Advancement
  • Counselling Services
  • Mentoring & Apprenticeship
  • Match making and Relationship Advisory services
  • Zakat re-distribution
  • Sadaqat ul-Jaria & Endowment Services


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